RPG 匿名黑客 - Nameless: the Hackers RPG [iPhone][图]



.●●APP OF THE YEAR 2013●●. .●●EDITOR'S CHOICE●●. NO WAIT TIMERS! NO iAP! JUST A SOLID RPG! Find out what REALLY goes on in the hacking world. Live the life of a hacker and dive deep into the shadows of the internet. Turn-?Based Hacker Battles in a Classic but Extremely Unique RPG With NON-FRUSTRATING controls! Top 10 RPG in OVER 40 Countries & Over 2000 Ratings Worldwide with a 4.8 Avg! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ..●●MEDIA QUOTES●●.. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Part visual novel, part turn?-based RPG in which combat is sort of a metaphor for computer hacking, Nameless: The Hackers has been quite the nice little distraction for my commute every day."? - Jason Schreier ( "I don't think I can sing Nameless: The Hackers RPG's praises enough. It's a clever and contemporary RPG that effortlessly pulls off "familiar" and "unconventional" simultaneously." ? - Rob Rich ( "Could this game actually be something original? I think it is! Bravo, developers. Bravo." ? - John Tucker ( -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ..●●STORY●●.. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A group of hackers are hired to track down a renegade researcher (cough, Sn0wd3n) and find themselves caught up in a deep conspiracy. Soon, the "Nameless Hackers" realize they're the ones being hunted by omnipotent world governments, elite hackers, and corporate spies. Can the "Nameless Hackers" expose the lies? The truth is out there!





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