安全防盗 - iAntiTheft - Anti Theft Alarm Security [iOS][多图]

***有内购,完全版¥18元(人民币)*** 最近很流行的一款安全防盗软件,很多五花八门的功能,比如:开屏密码输错几次后报警、拔掉电源后报警、从口袋掏出后报警以及拔掉耳机后报警等。感觉很搞笑,而且是免费版,大家可以用来试试,防盗效果也不错哦。


iAntiTheft is the best anti theft alarm security app for your phone. Includes powerful functions to protect your phone from thieves!!! - With Anti-Theft, you can always protect your phone without any fear of theft, with 4 strong protection modes: ● Power: alarm theft when lightning cable is un-plugged. ● Motion: alarm theft when device is moved. ● Pocket: alarm theft when phone is picked out from pocket. ● Earpod: alarm theft when ear-phone is un-plugged. - Smart feature: help you choose a protection mode automatically, just tap and let we decide which mode suitable. In addition, Anti-Theft detects when you get a phone call / call someone... The protection avoids to make an alarm in those cases. After the phone call is gone, just put your device back to required state. Other Features: - Integrate with device passcode & TouchID. - Auto lock maximum volume control. - Run in the background and lock mode. - Support Today Widget from notification center. - Support 3D Touch in iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+. - UI/UX is best optimized and simple to use.


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