DS4Windows - PC用PS4手柄驱动[图]

DS4Windows中文版提供了强大的控制器设置功能,您可以通过本软件配置您的手柄控制器,可以在软件上调整手柄按键,也可以为手柄添加兼容的驱动,从而方便您更好操作PS4游戏机,您可以在配置文件界面设置一个新方案,可以设置控制器的,可以设置特殊动作,可以控制遥杆,当您设置完毕以后可以将方案保存,当您玩游戏的时候就可以添加上次配置的方案,从而让您不需要每次都设置手柄驱动方案,对于喜欢使用PS4的朋友很实用! DS4Windows - PC用PS4手柄驱动[图]图片1 Version 1.7.12
  • Added wait period while suspending
  • Fixed profile selection for times when profiles have similar names. Use exact name match
  • Change to using pre-allocated buffer in UDP server
  • Group some profile mapping properties together in conversion routines. Reduced getter calls
  • Took Color Dialog out of KB360 form. Form can now be designed in x64 mode. All forms can now be edited in Design mode in Visual Studio while targeting x64 platform
  • Updated Norwegian translation provided by DandelionSprout
  • Lowered breakpoints used for enhanced precision curves. Tightened curve compared to version 1.7.11
  • Allow Square Stick mode to use a custom roundness setting. Change provided by?@Kamilczak020